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Karen Van Thournout

Hi there! I’m Karen Van Thournout, but many call me KVT. I come from a small town in Iowa, where I learned the value of hard work early on. After a fulfilling career in accounting and tech, I discovered my passion for SEO over the past 2 years. I have over a decade of experience in accounting and finance, and understand the various intricacies of tax, budgeting, and forecasting.



Picture of the Chicago Illinois landmark silver bean with Illinois Tax Extension Tips overlaid on the top of the image.
How to File a Tax Extension for Illinois
Taxes can be hard. Do you need more time to get all your forms in order? In this post, we'll...
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Statue of Liberty in the background and a sticky not stating New York Tax Extension Guide
New York State Tax Extension: A Comprehensive Guide
Filing taxes can feel overwhelming, especially when juggling different state-specific requirements. Don’t worry, though—we’ve got you covered. This guide is...
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Pennsylvania Tax Extension sticky note over the top of an outline of the state on a blue background
Your Essential Guide to Filing a Pennsylvania State Tax Extension
Tax season is stressful enough, especially when you’re running out of time to meet filing deadlines. If you’ve already...
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California Tax Extension - California Tax Extension sticky note pinned to the state of California on the US map.
California State Tax Extension: A Comprehensive Guide
Filing taxes can be stressful, especially when dealing with missing documents or complex financial situations. Luckily, the state of California...
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