Your Takeaways:

  • An income tax extension gives you more time to file your return, but does not extend the deadline to pay any taxes owed, which is still April 15th.
  • Filing the wrong form, filing late, or underestimating your tax liability when requesting an extension can lead to problems.
  • Make sure to keep confirmation of your filed extension for your records in case you need to provide proof to the IRS later.
  • Using an e-file service like IRS Extension Online can simplify filing an extension, provide instant confirmation, and help avoid common mistakes.

Sometimes, you might need a little extra time to compile your documents, cross-check numbers, or just wrap your head around the tricky tax rules. This is where an income tax extension comes to the rescue.

But going through this isn't always a walk in the park,and some common mistakes could cause you a few headaches. Our guide will help you sidestep these common errors and ensure a smooth, accurate income tax extension filing.

Understanding the Income Tax Extension

Before we dive into the common errors and their remedies, it's crucial to understand what an income tax extension entails. In essence, an income tax extension is a formal request to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for additional time - typically six months - to prepare and submit your income tax return.

Though this extension provides a welcome relief for taxpayers needing more time, it's essential to navigate the process correctly to maximize its benefits. Missteps can lead to unnecessary complications, potentially diminishing the advantages of the extension.

Without further ado, let's delve into the six common mistakes people make when filing for an income tax extension, and how you can avoid falling into these traps.

6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Filing for an Income Tax Extension

Mistakes to avoid

1. Misunderstanding the Purpose of the Extension

Mistake: Many erroneously believe that an income tax extension provides more time to pay taxes.

Solution: Remember, an income tax extension only defers your filing deadline, not your payment due date. If you expect to owe taxes, estimate your liability and ensure payment by the original due date of April 15th.

2. Filing the Wrong Form

Mistake: Different forms exist for individuals, corporations, and various other entities. Submitting the wrong form invalidates your extension.

Solution: Identify the correct form for your circumstances. For individual taxpayers, Form 4868 is commonly used, corporations and partnerships usually require Form 7004. IRS Extension Online can guide you in selecting the appropriate form.

3. Filing the Extension Late

Mistake: Extensions must be filed by the original tax deadline. Late filings can result in penalties.

Solution: Ensure that you file your extension on or before the original due date of your return, which is usually April 15th.

4. Not Estimating Your Tax Liability Correctly


Mistake: The IRS expects an accurate estimate of your tax liability when filing an extension. An incorrect estimate can lead to penalties.

Solution: Use your prior year's tax return as a reference, and adjust for any changes in the current tax year, or seek advice from a tax professional.

5. Not Paying Any Owed Taxes

Mistake: Neglecting to pay the taxes you owe by the original deadline can result in late-payment penalties and interest.

Solution: Refer to your prior year's tax return, make adjustments for any changes in the current tax year, or consult a tax professional for an accurate estimate.

6. Not Keeping Confirmation of the Filed Extension

Mistake: Not maintaining a record of the filed extension or IRS confirmation.

Solution: Retain the confirmation of the extension from the IRS. This serves as evidence of your filed extension and safeguards you in case of any future disputes. If you're using an e-file service like IRS Extension Online, we'll send you a confirmation once your extension is accepted.

In Conclusion

Tax season doesn't need to be a stress-inducing ordeal. With IRS Extension Online, you gain a reliable ally to help simplify your income tax extension filing process.

Boasting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, IRS Extension Online is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional service. We've successfully helped over a million clients file income tax extensions, solidifying our expertise in this area.

Face this tax season with confidence using IRS Extension Online. Find out how we can assist you in filing your income tax extension, offering peace of mind during a typically demanding period. Equipped with knowledge of common mistakes and how to evade them, you'll be well-prepared to manage your income tax extension like a pro.

Happy filing!

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